The First Edition

Ok...after endless pondering and procrastinating, I've finally put pen to paper ( kind of ) and strung together my first post! If you're reading this then welcome, and bare with me while I fumble through figuring out this blog thing!

Being a designer, you're forever finding little pieces of inspiration from day to day. Whether its something in the pages of a magazine, stumbling across an awesome artist on Instagram or coming across some amazing street art. It may be my inner control freak, but once I spot something I love I like to keep a tabs on it. 

Row House will be a place for me to share all of these finds, as well showcase the talents behind them! Along the way I'll also share some of my own work, from interior projects to artworks. 

So to kick off, I thought I would share one of the publications that has been a platform for a huge variety of artists for over 90 years. It's covers sparked my love for a city half a world away and lead to my obsession with all things New York (including its Row Houses!). I've put together a collection of just some of my favourite covers from The New Yorker magazine. Enjoy!

~ Jess